Water Saving Toilets

This is the question that has haunted us for some time now. There is that one rumor saying that they don't work because you have to flush two or three times to get everything down, which in turn uses more water than an older toilet and then there are those people who actually have the water saving toilets and say that they work and save money. So who should we believe? Maybe if we saw the facts it would help clear some of this up.

The average national daily water use for toilets is twenty-four gallons of water. To think about it, that is a lot of water being wasted. With the population rising, we need to conserve water since only three percent of the water on Earth is actually drinkable. One way we can conserve water and cut our costs down is to use a toilet with a 1.6-3.5 gallon tank instead of a seven or more gallon tank. That is half or a little more than what we are or were using, and that means less water you have to pay for.

After the water usage law of 1992 was passed, people had problems with the plumbing of their new smaller tank toilets. These newer low-flush toilets were not ready to be introduced into the market and that is where the rumor came from which claims that water saving toilets don't work well. However, things have changed as we've progressed with technology. The new low-flush toilets now work better than the old water wasting toilets and that can come as a great relief to our water supply not to mention our pockets.

By replacing those old toilets that waste water it can save you an average of one hundred dollars a year, if not more. Of course your savings do vary on where you live because of different utility ratings, how many times the toilet is flushed, and how many people live in your home. Water saving toilets work and you should think about investing in one because it'll actually save you money and you can do your part in protecting the environment by something so simple and easy to do. Find a plumbing contractor here to install a water saving toilet for you.

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