Tankless Water Systems      

There are a number of significant advantages of having a tankless water heater installed. It heats water on demand as opposed to heating large volumes and storing it. They are especially useful for times when you need a lot of water and cannot store it all, producing a continuous flow on demand. In the long run, they can also save you a great deal of money in utilities and contribute to preservation of the environment and natural resources.

In terms of practicality, they last on average 5 to 10 years longer than tank water heaters. They are also more compact and more convenient to store. They are higher in cost to purchase and install, but you will save money on your operating costs, saving in the long term.

Tankless water heaters are available with gas burners or electric elements. Gas powered tankless water heaters have a higher flow rate than electric models. If you do decide to go for gas, try and find one with a standing pilot light, which means you can switch if off when you aren't using it. This will conserve any extra energy so as not to waste it. If that isn't possible, look for a model with a IID (intermittent ignition device).

If you are on the market for a tankless water heater, you should give some thought to the size of the model and where you are going to store it. You also need to consider the type of fuel it uses and how easily you can get hold of it. Ask for information about the energy efficiency and power usage of the units you are interested in and get comparative costs.

A useful additional feature is that tankless water heaters can be connected to appliances that use a lot of water, at more than one usage point. They can be connected to washing machines or dishwashers in the kitchen or laundry, and can boost the hot water supply for your bathroom or a solar system.

If is always best to consult a professional plumbing and heating contractor to have your tankless water heated fitted. Make sure you hire someone who has prior experience in the field and get a written estimate before you allow any work to be done. Also look into references and ask for details on similar projects they may have completed, and ensure that your contractor of choice is compliant with building codes and regulations for your area. It isn't the ideal time to try and do it yourself, but if you absolutely have to make sure you get guidance from the manufacturer.

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