Should I Choose a Licensed Plumber?

As with any other field, there is a wide range of plumbers out there. Some do a great job. Others, well... not so great. Maybe you've even experienced one of these. OK, so how do you choose a plumber you can count on from the hundreds that are available?

Fortunately, there's a whole set of proven steps you can take to ensure the person you've hired won't turn your leaky faucet into a flood. And perhaps the most important one is to choose a plumber who is fully licensed and insured. Believe it or not, a person doesn't have to be licensed to enter your home and start banging away on those expensive copper pipes.

Why the license? First of all, as with any other important activity, a license provides assurance of a certain level of competence. You sure wouldn't go to a doctor who didn't have a medical degree. The same holds true for plumbing. A license assures you that the plumber or plumbing company completely satisfies state requirements for training and professionalism.

Insurance coverage provides you with additional peace of mind. Think how much better you'll feel knowing the plumber you've trusted with your water supply will have to resources to cover all and any accidental damage or injuries that result from their efforts. No such peace of mind with an unlicensed plumber. Of course, licenses and insurance coverage must be up-to-date. So it's a good idea to ask to see copies of both before committing to a particular plumber. Also, note that for drain and sewer cleaning most states do not require a license, but you should still check references and make sure the person you hire has the experience required for the job.

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