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Like many homeowners, if you find that your water is going down the sink slower than normal, your water pressure is low, or your toilet does not flush completely, chances are, you have been affected by the dreaded clogged sewer drain and you may find yourself on the market for a professional sewer cleaning service.

Clogged drains are caused by the buildup of hair, tissue, soap scum and other things that come into contact with and adhere to the drain pipes.

Some sewer problems can be avoided if your home's drainage system is properly maintained by having a professional sewer cleaning service conduct an occasional inspection of your pipes to ensure they are clear of debris that can clog them, causing your sewer to backup.

Not taking precautionary measures to maintain the smooth operation of your sewer system increases the likelihood your drainage pipes will accumulate debris, and you will either need a professional sewer cleaning company to clear the pipes, or perform Do It Yourself (DIY) actions.

In the dreadful event you need a professional company specializing in cleaning sewer drains, it is important to not only find one that is cost effective, but one that is reputable, and will perform safely, efficiently and effectively.

The Better Business Bureau, Angie's list and customer referrals, are all great ways to ensure a professional sewer cleaning company fits the bill before you hire them. They should have a reputation for having professional workers who provide quality services, backed up (no pun intended) by a warranty.

Once you have chosen a professional sewer cleaning company to unclog your drains, it is important that you understand what actions they will perform. Also, if they do not offer, ask them to provide tips on preventing a recurrence.

But wait! Before you pick up the phone to dial up a professional sewer cleaning service, whether or not you know the reason your pipes are clogged, you may want to consider taking Do-It-Yourself measures. This may possibly help you avoid having to pay a costly bill that you are sure to receive from a professional.

You may be thinking you would rather pay someone to clear your sewer drain pipes rather than risk further damage or getting dirty. However, DIY can be as simple as plunging your toilets, attempting to clear drains with a drain snake or buying a liquid product specifically made for unclogging drains.

Hopefully one of these or a combination of the three will yield the desired results. Pretty easy right? Okay, so you are wondering what is the catch? Well, if it works, there is no catch; there is just extra money in your pocket you saved from making it a DIY project vs. paying a professional sewer cleaning service to do the job. The downside to being your own plumber is that if it does not work, you will have spent money that could have gone towards paying a pro that you are going to need.

Whatever your decision, whether seeking a professional or a DIY solution to resolve your sewer drainage needs, your sewer problems will soon be washed down the drain!

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