Repairing a Leaky Toilet


It sits alone for most of the time. Nevertheless, when it comes to utilizing water, this fixture is a tireless workhorse. On average, each person in a household spends about three years using the toilet. In fact, of all the fixtures in your home, this one by far consumes the most water. If your toilet is leaking, it's using even more than its fair share. Fortunately, there are several simple steps you can take to repair a leaky toilet.

  • If you detect a leak between the tank and the bowl of a bowl-mounted toilet tank, you'll want to correct the problem as soon as possible. Tightening the bolts in the tank usually does the trick. You also can unfasten the bolts and install new gaskets.
  • Seal the connections on a wall-mounted tank by tightening the couplings on the pipe that joins the tank and bowl. Your other option is unfastening the couplings, taking the pipe out, and installing new washers.
  • A leaky toilet bowl base will require you to put some muscle into the job. This means you'll be lifting the bowl, then resealing it around the base.

Of course, if you don't feel qualified or inclined to perform all this repair work on your own, you have another ready option - contact a licensed professional plumber.

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