Prepare to Install a New Bathtub Yourself

Maybe you're remodeling your bathroom. Or you simply want a new bathtub. Whatever the reason, you're determined to replace the tub yourself. Naturally, you'll want to be prepared. These tips will have you ready for the big moment when you finally install the new tub.

  1. Proper Measurements

    As with any home-improvement task, take thorough measurements. This includes measuring wall space, positions of fixtures positions, length of plumbing to the hook ups, and the space to be occupied by the tub itself. Have the measurements with you when you finally shop for the tub.

  2. Use The Same Size Bath Tub

    Unless you prefer burdening yourself with tons of extra work, go with a replacement tub that matches the exact dimensions of your current one. This will make your task so much easier.

  3. Use Caution

    Pay attention to details and always use caution to avoid breaking the old tubs. This can accidentally cause damage to walls, pipe, and other key components in your home.

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