Pay In Full When It's Finished in Full

Leaky faucets. Clogged drains. Groaning, screeching pipes in the middle of the night. If you're a homeowner, chances are you've encountered one or more of these frustrating problems. If not, odds are that sooner or later you will. Nobody escapes.

Plumbing issues are anything but fun. In fact, they can be major headaches. There's no sense in creating another headache for yourself when selecting the expert intended to solve the problem. Your first move should be choosing the right plumber at the right price. This crucial step will save you hours of grief.

But this is only the beginning. Once a plumber has been chosen, payment terms must be hammered out before any hammering begins on the pipes. Important questions like how much and how fast should be established well ahead of time.

Bear in mind, plumbers typically ask for a certain sum before leaping into a large job. No worries. Deposits are common. But never give everything up front. Pay in full when the job is finished in full.

It's a big help to get a detailed invoice before shelling out the balance. This document takes you through every step of the project, identifying all work and installations. Once completely satisfied that all obligations have been fulfilled, you can confidently pay your bill in full.

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