Longer-Lasting Faucets and Sink Tips

When it comes to important fixtures in your home, faucets and sink tips definitely reside at the top of the list. Day in and day out, these handy devices get more than their share of use. But as with anything that sees plenty of action, basic wear and tear eventually will take its toll.

Luckily, there are some things you can do to extend the life of your faucets and sink tips. Just by taking these few simple steps, you can put the brakes on the aging process and maximize the usefulness of these important fixtures.

  • Sinks have their own built-in protection should somebody inadvertently leave the water running and exit the scene for a few hours. Called overflow holes, these convenient openings keep the rising liquid from spilling out onto your floor and causing major damage. But they can become clogged. Then guess what? - there's no place for rising water to go but over the side and onto your floor. So for your own protection, keep those overflow holes clean.
  • Did you know that one simple leak can mean as much as 150 gallons of precious water will be going to waste. Of course, faucets aren't always to blame. Leaks can originate from somewhere below the sink. So by all means keep an eye out for leaky faucets. But also be on the lookout for small leaks or moisture on the pipes beneath the sink.
  • Remove and clean faucet aerators once a year. Doing this will ensure they're efficiently doing their job of conserving water and maintaining an even flow.

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