Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation/Replacement

Though garbage disposals have only become popular within the last couple of decades, they have become a convenience that most of us simply can't do without. If your garbage disposal hasn't been working as well as it should or stopped functioning altogether, then you can most likely repair it or install a new quite easily. Here is a guide to replacing or repairing your garbage disposal.

Preparing for the task - You'll want to turn off the power source first, in order to avoid any accidents. Then you an go ahead and remove the drain arm and the drain tube from the new unit. This can be done by using a pair of pliers to loosen the clamp that connecting the tube to the unit.

Removing the old unit - You can remove the old unit by taking it off of the mounting nut. You'll then want to turn the unit over, after you've made sure to empty all of its remaining contents, and disconnect it from the wiring by removing the plate that's covering the bottom of it. Then simply unscrew the drain and mouting assembly before pushing up the flange through the drain hole.

Installing the hardware for the new unit - Next you'll have to put a rubber seal underneath the drain flange, and then another one underneath the drange flange beneath the sink after you've put the flange into the drain hole. When you're finished with this step, then you should put the mounting ring in place on the underside of the sink and screw it in.

Installing the new garbage disposal unit - Before installing the new unit, you need to prepare it by removing anything that might be inside of it and removing the plate in order to pull the wires away from the new garbage disposal unit. Then you'll have to screw in the strain relief sleeve and tighten it. Next, you'll connect the electrical wires by splicing the corresponding colored wires to one another. Then you can find the green screw on the unit and connect the ground wire to it, before putting back on the cover plate. And lastly, you'll put the new unit into place by fitting it into the mounting nut and attaching the arm and drainpipe.

There are a variety of problems with your garbage disposal that may be easily fixed by simply replacing certain parts or ensuring that it various componennts are properly tightented. However, if you are finding that the task of fixing your exisiting garbage disposal or installing a new unit is too difficult, then it's always a good idea to hire a professional to do it for you.

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