Fixing a Bathtub Leak 


Bathtub leaks generally take two forms - a drippy faucet or a faulty plumbing system. Faucet issues are a relatively easy matter to identify and correct. But if your bathtub leak is the result of a damaged shower pan or leaking pipe, plan on reaching out to your local plumber or bathtub repair contractor. These experts have the tools and knowledge to address the issue with maximum precision and efficiency.

True, these professionals may not be as easy on your wallet as a little do-it-yourself intervention. But in the long run, calling in the masters will do wonders for your peace of mind. Unless you prefer listening to a steady drip, drip, drip, enjoy squandering precious water and paying the price with a heftier monthly bill, or simply don't mind if the water stain on the ceiling below the tub continues to get darker, wider, and likelier to leak unwanted moisture into the room below. No doubt about it. Locating and repairing these more complicated leaks is a matter best handled ASAP. And only a licensed professional will be able to catch the problem in time, giving you the best shot of repairing the leak before it leads to an even more costly alternative - major drywall repair.

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