Dealing With a Clogged Shower

It can't be helped. Even if you've been employing every preventative measure in the book. Hair and other debris eventually will find its way into your shower drain. Suddenly, you'll notice the water going down slower and slower until one day it begins forming a little pool on your shower floor. If something isn't done about the situation, the water will stop going down altogether. Yes, a clogged shower is one major headache.

Fortunately, there is a set of steps you can take to remedy the clogged shower issue. There's no guarantee of success, of course. But since these steps have been known to work in many cases, they're definitely worth the effort.

  • Use the tried and true plunger, employing plenty of muscle power. It's amazing how often this easy solution does the trick.
  • If the plunger doesn't make the grade, try guiding a snake through the drain and into the trap.
  • If the above two steps fail, you can try a garden hose. First, connect the hose to an outdoor or indoor faucet, using a threaded adapter. Then push the hose far down into the drain and pack as many rags as possible into the opening. Finally, turn the water on in quick, forceful intervals. Hitting the drain with bursts of water should get the unclogging job done.

Be sure the hose isn't left behind in the drain. An unexpected decrease in water pressure might actually siphon sewage right back into your supply of clean water.

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