What Can I do if My Drain is Clogged?

No plumbing system is perfect. Sooner or later, something is bound to go awry. And one of the most common plumbing problems that crops up is a clogged drain. This alone is extremely irritating. But it can lead to even bigger headaches - major overflows and water damage. Now don't go into stress overload about this. It's possible to keep all your drains clog-free. All it takes is a few, simple preventative measures.

First of all, avoid flushing certain items down your toilet. These include sanitary napkins, baby wipes, very thick toilet paper, and homework. Once items like these make their way into your system, they can do some pretty nasty things - such as expand or snag themselves on corroding pipes. If enough of this debris accumulates, clogs and headaches are inevitable.

Second, never use liquid clog cleaners. These liquids have been known to cause some pretty serious pipe damage. The most reliable course of action is using a plumbing snake or plunger.

Next, install strainers in all showers and tubs. These inexpensive components are super-effective hair catchers.

Finally, avoid pouring fat, grease, or cooking oils into your drain. Any of these substances will easily solidify in a cold pipe, becoming a major clogging agent. It's far safer to pour these substances into a Tupperware container and let it stand until solid. Once solidification occurs, throw that glop away in a compost bin to be taken far, far away in the next garbage collection.

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