Clogged Toilet and How To

A clogged toilet can cause quite a bit of stress and aggravation. Being able to flush and use the toilet is very much needed and, when it does clog, that toilet can become a serious issue. Not only is it difficult to simply use your own toilet, but it can cause a large mess if it begins to flood the bathroom. You do not want your waste from the toilet to get everywhere, which is why you need to know how to unclog a toilet. It does not require an expert plumber to do, just some simple tools and a little bit of know how. Good thing for those without expert knowledge is that there are guides, like this one, that can give them the information they need to get the toilet in working condition again.

Basic Unclog

Most clogged toilets are easy to fix up. With a simple plunger that you more than likely have in your home, or, if you do not, you could buy one at most stores, you can take out that clog quickly and efficiently. Make sure your plunger has a flange, which is the part hanging down from the bell, to ensure the best suction.

Now to begin plunging 

Wearing some protective rubber gloves, push the plunger gently into the toilet bowl. After the air has left it, begin pushing with a little more force. Do this repeatedly for a short while until the clog has been cleared.

Sometimes, though, this may not be enough. If you find that there is still a clog or flushing problem, even after some hard work with a plunger, then you might need to use a snake. You can buy these anywhere and, whichever one you choose, they should fix even a nasty clog.

With the coiled end leading the way, begin feeding the snake into the drain. Keeping moving until you meet whatever is causing the clog and then start turning the snake clockwise. This uses the coiled end to either break apart the clog or hook it so that you may then pull it out.

If all of your hard work and effort with unclogging the drain does not work, you may have to resort to completely pulling the toilet up and going in manually. This will take extra time but, if your toilet is clogged and no other option is doing the trick, it is the necessary step to take.

Before you even think about taking the toilet out, you need to turn off the water supply. Once that is done, you can begin the fixing.

When you are ready to pull out the toilet, begin disassembling it. Once you can get to the drains, you should be able to get the obstruction.

Anything deeper than what you can get to, will probably require a professional.

Most clogs are not so difficult, they simply need some hard work with a plunger. The bigger jobs may require some work with a snake but that is not too difficult either. A clogged drain can be fixed with ease and in a time frame you are happy with.

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