Basic Toilet Repair Advice For A Running Or Blocked Toilet

Knowing how to perform a simple toilet repair can be really useful if you ever find yourself in a position where you need urgent help. The tank of the toilet is where you'll need to familiarize yourself with the equipment and how everything works, and most of the time solving the problem here will save you a visit from the plumber.

Toilet Repair For A Running Toilet

When you flush your toilet the water is released from the toilet tank. Often, a small fault in the tank or a blockage can cause a running toilet, which is easy to fix. The flush valve is what releases the water into the tank and what allows the cistern to refill for the next flush. It is also called a ballcock valve and should be checked where it is bolted to the bottom of the tank. It usually uses a flapper ball to control the water that is released into the toilet. Bending the float arm can manipulate how much water is allowed into the tank.

You may need to experiment with this to find the right water level if this is the problem you are facing, Sometimes the lift chain can come off of the handle lever or the lift chain can be bent, or the flapper ball is rubbing against the side of the toilet tank causing the toilet to run.

It could be that your flush valve has become worn through, in which case you will need to replace it. your flapper ball could also have a leak in it, meaning that it cannot rise and fall as required to manage the water levels. If water is flowing out into your overflow pipe, you will need to adjust the water level in the tank.

Unclogging Your Toilet

Having a plunger available in your home comes in useful if your toilet is clogged. A flange plunger is more useful for unclogging your toilet than a cup plunger. If you realize that your toilet is clogged do not flush it or the water will flow out of the bowl. Use the plunger gently to get into the bowl of the toilet and wait for the air to come up through the plunger body. Push gently to see if the toilet is unclogged and the water level drops. You may need to repeat this steps a few times to break through the clog. Check to see if the toilet will drain now by allowing some of the water out of the tank, or pour some in slowly from a bucket.

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